Since 1999, the association has operated a privately funded security patrol. This patrol, under the command of Police Sgt. Darren Ogden, provides daily patrols by off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers. This includes patrol of our area streets and the beach area and a special program for residents who are away from their home for an extended period. The Security patrol is funded through homeowner contributions, and from the support our area commercial and condominium projects. The association asks that each resident contribute $400 each year, with $650 for Ocean Front residents.

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Non Emergency Contact

The city of Fort Lauderdale has an non-emergency phone line for residents to call regarding non-emergency police issues. The number is: (954) 764-HELP. This can be used for non emergency items, including vagrants on the beach and illegal parking. IMPORTANT: always call 911 for any emergency item including potential risk to property or person.

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Away Form

If you have paid Security Dues, you may notify our Security Patrol when you are away from home for an extended period of time and the patrol will check your house area.

Completion of this form authorizes the Fort Lauderdale Police officers to access your property during the dates you are away. This is provided as a service of the Lauderdale Beach Security patrol program. The homeowner must be current on security dues to be eligible for the program ($400 per year, or $650 for ocean front home).

You simply fill out the Away Form.